Probiotics For Your Dog

Probiotics, in a nutshell, are beneficial microorganisms that are typically present in the digestive tract of healthy human beings, dogs and other animals. Giving probiotics to your dog daily can help maintain the population of “good bacteria” and is a proactive way to help support healthy digestion in your dog. If you are considering giving your dog probiotics to help maintain their healthy digestion, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. The last thing you want is to spend money on a supplement that your dog turns its nose up at. High-quality, safe probiotics for dogs do not have to be very expensive, Liquid Longevity is a good example. But no one wants to throw money down the...

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Why Yogurt Might not be the best way to give your dog Probiotics

While there is growing evidence that probiotics may be just as helpful for your dog as they are for you, yogurt is not the best option for introducing your dog to probiotics. Lactose and Your Dog Many dogs are lactose intolerant because their digestive systems don’t contain enough lactase, the enzyme that helps people digest the lactose in dairy products. The mess that may  result from testing your dog’s tolerance for lactose isn’t really worth the risk. Do you really want to risk having to clean up after them? If you want to introduce probiotics into your dog’s diet, a much better way to do it is with a product specifically formulated for dogs and developed by pet nutritionists. Xylitol...

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